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By whitehousecabinets • January 22nd, 2009
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Kitchen remodeling in Minneapolis is one of the smartest home improvements you can undertake in the Twin Cities, and it all starts with your kitchen cabinets. Think about when you purchased your home. As you walked through the kitchen, where did you look to first? I’m guessing you didn’t spend much time poring over the flooring or the kitchen sink. Instead, chances are you went straight to the cabinets. You opened and closed the doors, evaluated how much space they provided and how well they fit the overall kitchen design. Furthermore, that inspection probably had a lot do with whether you thought the home was the right fit for you or not. It’s true, the right Minneapolis kitchen cabinet set is make or break for kitchen spaces. If you’re looking for a home improvement project that improves the livability of your home and its value, then kitchen cabinet remodels in Minneapolis are an excellent place to start.



Kitchen Remodeling in Minnesota for “Just You” or for “Resale”? Most likely a little of both!

With both of these reasons you are generally price conscious but the for quick or immediate resale you are much more likely to be pinching pennies. With our new cabinetry category (Semi-Custom Premium Cabinetry) and the only (Warehouse Direct) approach kitchen cabinets in Minnesota, you can have the custom cabinets you have been dreaming of for about the same price as the DIY stock cabinetry.

About Us:Whitehouse Direct Est 1999, in Eagan, MN has applied their unique warehouse direct philosophy to everything from high end furniture to hot tubs and has now jumped in with both feet to very high end kitchen cabinets. A recent customer was quoted $19,200 for custom cabinets from Kraftmaid through The Home Depot. Our Semi-Custom Premium line came in at $6,300. Most of our kitchens come in about $3,000 to $4,500. All of our cabinets include these premium features standard.

·Solid Wood doors, drawers and frames

·No MDF or Particle Board anywhere

·Dovetailed drawers, w/groove fitted plywood bottoms

·Full extention undermount glides, with soft close feature

Our installers have installed over 300 kitchens and most installations will be under about $800. If you will give me 7 minutes and read the rest of this page, I will give you an education of your basic options of kitchen remodels in the Twin Cities.

Espresso Shaker

Espresso Shaker

Your Options with Minneapolis Kitchen Cabinet Remodeling

When it comes to kitchen cabinetry, there are five basic designs that you’ll have to choose from at the outset. On the most basic level, you’ll need to decide between face frame and faceless cabinetry designs. Once you’ve got that figured out, you’ll need to decide between stock, semi-stock, custom kitchen cabinets and, what we offer, semi-custom premium. Since what you end up choosing will set the tone for your project’s final cost, duration, and final appearance, it’s important that you know the distinction between these basic designs so you can make the best determination for your home, your personality, and your budget.

The Unending “Face-Frame” vs. “Faceless Kitchen” Cabinet in Minneapolis Debate

As I already been mentioned, the first thing you’ll need to make a decision on is between a face-frame and a frameless kitchen cabinet design. This decision is part aesthetic and part function. Both designs have their supporters, there is no cut and dry frontrunner when you compare them side by side. It’s kind of like comparing Minneapolis to St. Paul. Both have their plusses and minuses. What it really comes down to is where you’d rather live.

  • Faceless Cabinetry use to be referred to as European cabinetry, because of its popularity on the other side of the pond. With faceless cabinets, each cabinet is built from like an actual box, onto which doors and drawers are fitted and attached. There is little to no space between doors and drawers because of this, and the style creates a sleeker, more uniform front. Faceless cabinets have more of an ability to have a traditional, transitional, old world or modern look.
Flame Less or Full Overlay

Frame Less or Full Overlay

  • Face Frame Cabinetry is a traditional look and usually less costly. Generally speaking, these are the DIY, off the shelf, or also refers to as “builders grade” cabinets. Some of the high end custom cabinets are built this way as well. Each cabinet is still built from an actual box, with a solid wood face, but there are 2 main differences. I will explain but it will help to see the in the photo’s below as well. First the with the faceless design the doors cover most if not all of the cabinet fronts and second in the faceless design there is no center mullion strip between the doors when they are open. With no strip between the doors you have more flexibility on the inside of the cabinets arranging your plate ware, pots, pans, crock-pot, food processors and the variety of items stored here. Both of these factors tend to drive more people to want the faceless design but are sometime forced to go with the face frame because of price, until now!
Face Frame

Face Frame

Minneapolis Kitchen Cabinet Remodeling and Stock, Semi-Stock, Custom, and now Semi-Custom Premium Cabinets

Once you’ve decided on your preference between face-frame and faceless kitchen cabinets, your next decision is whether you want to purchase stock, semi-stock, custom or semi-custom premium cabinets. Be forewarned. What you choose can be the difference between a $3,000 set of, particle board, cabinets you purchase at Home Depot and a set of cabinets custom designed and built specifically for your kitchen for $30,000 or more. In other words, review your budget ahead of time. Kitchen cabinet remodels in Minneapolis can get pricey.

·Stock Cabinetry is the fast food of the Minneapolis kitchen cabinet remodeling industry. They’re inexpensive, pre-manufactured, one size fits all, and ready for pick up at the drive through of your local cabinet supplier. If you’re on a tight budget, stock cabinetry is an excellent option. They won’t turn heads like custom cabinets, or even semi-custom cabinets can, but they’re guaranteed to look better than those dingy, dark, worn out cabinets you’re suffering with now.

·Semi-Stock Cabinetry is like eating at Chili’s instead of McDonalds. The quality of the food is noticeably better, and you can choose what you want on your burger and how it’s cooked. Make no mistake, however. That’s a line cook slaving away back in the kitchen, not a 5 star chef. Semi-stock cabinetry is factory produced to cut costs, but because you pre-order it you get to choose between a wide range of cabinet designs, finishes, hardware, and the like. Semi stock cabinets aren’t cheap as far as kitchen cabinet remodels in Minneapolis go, but you don’t have to take out a second mortgage to pay for them, either. Best of all: you still get a custom designed feel with the final product.

·Custom Cabinetry is like dining at Manny’s downtown . Arguably, the best steakhouse and service in the twin cities. Custom cabinets are made by a professional cabinet maker who will work with you to design a set of cabinets that perfectly fits your kitchen space, utilizes the best materials, and makes the most of cutting edge cabinet design. The end result will be a beautiful, functional, and downright perfect set of cabinetry for you and your home. Expect to pay for quality, however. As mentioned before, $30,000 for a set of custom cabinets is not an · Semi-Custom Premium Cabinetry-is like having a fun filled evening at home, entertaining a few close friends. You can have the friends bring the appetizer, salad, and desert while you prepare a gourmet meal & drinks.  You can buy the steaks at Von Hanson’s Meats or even Sam’s Club. Get a great recipe off the internet and have an unbelievable gourmet meal for 1/6th the price of Manney’s. You might not get all the hand holding, but you won’t have to drive home either if you have one too many Grey Goose Lemon Martini’s.

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We are in need of real help. We have a small kitchen 10′ by 10′ approx. We are on a budget an I want to install the cabinets if possible. The only problem with my installing then is that 3 years ago I developed osteo arthritis and in 2 years have had my Shoulder, hip, and right knee replaced. Also my shoulder is rebroaken. I am a natural do it yourselfer and think i could install them with help from friends ect. Iwould also like a quote for you to do it to see if we can afford it. That is based on if you even do installs. If not maybe you could reccomend someone. The cold hard fact is I would like to look at your cabinets and see what can be done. thankyou very much, Steve Drew

By whitehousecabinets on February 2nd, 2009 at

Steve & Ellen,
Thanks for your interest. We would love the opportunity to help… Our cabinets are priced about 1/3rd the price of other premium lines. We show our cabinets by appointment 5-6 days a week… generally 10-5 pm, but can be here early or late too… I live 2 miles from my office…We do install cabinets as well.. The best thing is to call and set a time. My cell is 612-490-1331… Joe

Hello – Wondering what options you have for countertops? If none, do you have referrals? Thanks

By whitehousecabinets on February 10th, 2009 at

Kelly, my counter top guy is Larry at Pacific Granite in Eagan…651-688-9898. Their Granite starts at $30 sq ft installed… Please mention Whitehouse when you call. He can give you specifics… Hope this helps…

By Suzanne Van Swearengin on March 5th, 2009 at

Nice webpage and it looks like you continue to expand.

I will call you when we do our next remodel.

If you even need a customer reference, please let me know. Mark and I tell everyone we can about your business and how great your customer service is!

By whitehousecabinets on March 5th, 2009 at

Hey Suzanne, Hope all is well in the medical sales industry… or is it real estate now? Well whatever it is you know where to come for the best deal on kitchen cabinets in Minneapolis, actually Minnesota too… I want to go out on your boat… Ill bring the Mojitos…

By whitehousecabinets on April 15th, 2009 at

No we do not have bathroom vanity’s available at this time…

By Beth Hillman on April 24th, 2009 at

Hi. Just wondering how ong it takes to get the cabinets once they’re ordered….

By whitehousecabinets on August 18th, 2009 at

Sorry for the delayed response, but generally 2- 4 weeks…

By Melissa on August 30th, 2009 at

Your cabinets are fantastic!! My husband and I have never been happier! Your service and attention to detail are beyond anything we ever expected. We refer you to everyone. Looking forward to the vanities. Thank you again for the quality, service, and most of all the savings.

By whitehousecabinets on September 2nd, 2009 at

Hey Melissa,
Did you end up getting your counter tops through my guy at Natures Stone Burnsville?

By M. Couillard on September 26th, 2009 at

We live up in Cloquet (up by Duluth) and wonder if you supply up in this area too, or if not, if you would know who to contact up here. Thanks!!!

Love the rooms pictured above! We are moving into a home that needs some TLC and the cabinets need to go. I am looking for a place that sells cabinets for less and can get a job done quickly as we need the cabinets out before I move to the flooring. How long does it take for you to install them and do you give estimates or how is that figured out? On average how much less does it cost the customer if they install the cabinets? Thanks!

By whitehousecabinets on October 5th, 2009 at

Yes we supply all over the state… If you know the cabinets you need I can give you a quote…

By whitehousecabinets on October 5th, 2009 at

When are you moving?

By Carl Starkweather on January 2nd, 2010 at

We really look forward to our appointment next Saturday @ 4:00.


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